Shawn Price

I am a husband, father, and I love taking pictures. It all started visiting the Theme Parks in the area and taking pictures of the parks and my family enjoying those moments. We love to go as much as possible and spend time as a family making new memories. Me and my wife have been married for 3 years and she had 4 kids already. We then got into foster care and fostered twin boys that we fell absolutely in love with. Well we ended up getting pregnant with our own child and we didn't think we could adopt these boys because of them having siblings. Well we Greyson and ended up getting the twins back and adopting them bringing our total up to 7! We love each and every kid and thank God every day that we get to have such a big loving family. I love making memories with my kids and taking pictures and videos of our family. Well thats why i wanted to start doing this. I wanted to help make memories with other people and their families as well. I hope that I can help make new memories that will last a life time with the pictures I take of you and your loved ones.